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Handmade Sparklers

Here a detailed instuction how you can make your own sparklers using classic receipt.

What You Need To Make a Sparkler:

1. Barium Nitrate (50%)
2. Dextrin (12-14%)
3. Iron particles 0.3 mm (50 mesh) - (30%)
4. Aluminum powder - (6-8%)
5. Metal sticks as many as you need 6. Water

How To Make the Homemade Sparkler:

1. Mix well all your ingredients together except metal sticks and water.
2. Gradually add water to get moist slurry.
3. Coat your metal sticks with this moist mixture and let it fully dry for about 24 hours.
4. Add more layers to make it thicker usually about 3 layers for standard sparklers.
Please note, that for our big sparkler we use 5 thick layers.

For better understanding please look our video above.

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